Thursday, April 26, 2007


At first when i first had Pookie I thought ohmigod I can't do this it hurts to bad and requires to much!!But then I didn't give up i just kept on going and now it has been four months and I am still at it. And it is the best ever. There is nothing I love more than to snuggle up with my baby girl and breastfeed her while she rubs my face and arms!!! The bonds that breastfeeding makes are unbreakable and deffinantly worth the time and effort you put into it!!So I would advice all women who are pregnant or may become pregnant to Nurse. Honestly it is the best and has been proven that for every month you breastfeed your babies IQ goes up 10 points. I know at first it is hard but I promise it gets easier as the days go by.So anyone who reads this blog please read this entitled Breastfeeding!!!! ~~~Angelbaby~~~

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