Friday, April 27, 2007

For my sister

This is for my sister Ash, whom i love very much and hope that one day she will read this and forgive me!!!Just remember,"I love you Sis" and no matter what you will always be my sister!!! 1.) I'm sorry that I was mean to you. 2.) I'm sorry that I left you,when I promised I'd come back for you and never did. 3.) I'm sorry that I told on you,I was angry. 4.) I'm sorry that I wasn't a good sister. 5.) I'm sorry that I took you for granted. 6.) I'm sorry that I made your life hell. 7.) I'm sorry that you don't talk to me anymore. 8.) I'm sorry that I don't ever see you anymore. 9.) I'm sorry that I made you hate me. 10.)I'm sorry for never listening to what you had to say. 11.)I'm sorry for always putting myself first. 12.)I'm sorry that i caused you so much pain. 13.)I'm sorry that your not in my life anymore for whatever reason. 14.)I'm sorry for the childhood we had. 15.)I'm sorry that I didn't protect you (I was the big sis it was my job). 16.)I'm sorry for all the fights we had(I wish I could take them all back). 17.)I'm sorry if I made you worry. 18.)I'm sorry that mom and dad weren't together anymore for us. 19.)I'm sorry for making u lie for me. 20.)I'm sorry for everything. I wish I could make everything better again. I would give anything just to hear your voice or just for you to write to me.I hope this finds you well and in good spirits and I hope you read it. All my love, your sister,Laura ~~~Angelbaby~~~

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