Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~~~***My little girl***~~~

My little girl is getting so big,she is growing up so fast!!!She has passed so many milestones!!!I can't believe how quickly they grow up!!!Let's see how many things has she done so far!!!Here are a few of them!!! ~~~***Sucking her toes***~~~ ~~~***Rolling over***~~~ ~~~***Gibering***~~~ ~~~***Walks with assistance***~~~ ~~~***Discover faces***~~~ ~~~***Discovers hands and feet***~~~ ~~~***Discovers mommy and daddies faces***~~~ ~~~***Picks things up***~~~ ~~~***Can take her shoes aand socks off***~~~ ~~~***Can put her pacifier into and take out of her mouth***~~~ And there are so many more,I can't believe how smart she is!!!!She's 21 weeks and 4 days old!!!! ~~~Angelbaby~~~

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earthy said...

awww WTG Kit! Your getting so big & smarter by the day!!!