Sunday, May 20, 2007


I have had such peace and quiet the past couple of days!!!I tell ya it is awesome,and I am lovin it while it still lasts!!!I have had plenty of time with DH and Pookie and yesterday I went and spent about three or four hours(if not more) with my grandparents.It was great,considering I never get to see them anymore and they might not be around forever.Besides that they always want me to bring Pookie down and I never get a chance to bring her down.So yesterday was the perfect opportunity!!!Anywho,it has been a great weekend,I haven't had to listen to any bitching!!!Thank GOD!!!There for a little while I was ready to pull my hair out.Well, I'm glad I enjoyed it while I could!!!It will soon all be over :(,much to my dissappointment!!!)Well,I guess that is about enough for a while!!! I guess I shall hop off of here for now. Don't worry,I'll be back soon enough,with more tales from where ever they come!!!!I love having this blog so that I may get out all that I need to say and so that everyone can join me on my trip to lala land!!!!Cause much more of the wackies and I shall certainly loose my great mind!!!What a horrible thing to loose, right???Well,I too would also like to thank Renee(earthmomma06) for telling me about blogger.com!!!Much thanx to you,I think u might have saved some of my mind!!!Anyway I am just rambling now!!! I will leave this post as it is and hope everyone enjoys my insanity!!!!Thanx for listening and letting me get it off my chest!!!!! ~~~Angelbaby~~~

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earthy said...

Glad you got to relax a bit! Sounds like ya had fun :)