Friday, January 25, 2008

♥Reason's why I'm Crunchy♥

Here's a couple of reason's why I'm a crunchy momma!!!Okay first off I breastfeed...The reason I breastfeed is because it is the most beneficial for the baby...It lower's your risk of breast cancer...It helps your uterus go back to it normal shape sooner...It lowers the risk of SIDS...You lose weight...It makes your baby smarter...Besides all that it makes the bond with your child closer and GOD gave you breasts for a reason and there is a reason they fill with milk when you have a baby...It is the most health and best choice you could ever make for your child...Second off I co~sleep...The reason I co~sleep is because it's way easier...It's bothbeneficial for mother and child...You have the security of knowing your child is safe...It makes for a better bond...It's awesome...Third reason is I am an AP...which is good for the child...not to mention the fact that it promotes independence...it makes for a better bond...all these things go hand in hand...breastfeeding,co~sleeping,child~led weaning,&babywearing with Attachment parenting...it improves your babies behavior...improves development...With AP your baby is...
1.)More trusting...
2.)feels more competent
3.)grows better
4.)feels & acts right
5.)is better organized
6.)learns language more easily
7.)establishes healthy independence
8.)learns intimacy
9.)learns to give and receive love
1.)become more confident 2.)are more sensitive 3.)can read baby's cues 4.)respond intuitively 5.)flow with baby's temperament 6.)find discipline easier 7.)become keen observers 8.)know baby's competencies and preferences 9.)know which advice to take and which to disregard
Relationship(Parents & baby experience:)
1.)mutual sensitivity 2.)mutual giving 3.)mutual shaping of behavior 4.)mutual trust 5.)feelings of connectedness 6.)more flexibility 7.)more lively interactions 8.)brings out the best in each other
Third reason is...I wear my baby!!!Babies who are wore cry less,learn more,are more organized,they get humanized earlier,they're smarter,it's conveint,it helps fussy colicky babies & it can reduce SIDS...Anyway thats some reasons why I'm crunchy...Besides all the benefits its awesome...I love it!!!

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