Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So yesterday morning,1/6/09 I took a Clearblue Easy Digital pregnancy test & got a pregnant.I was expecting it to say not pregnant.I was feeling kinda pregnant though.I had a few symptoms like heartburn,nausea,slight cramps(thought was AF),headache,extremely tired,tender breasts,frequent urination(every hour),gassy/bloated & sensitivity to certain smells. I called London Women's Care yesterday & scheduled an appointment.Well,the appointment was for today,1/7/09.I am definitely pregnant!I have to go back 1/29/09 for an ultrasound because right now it is too early to show up on a ultrasound.I will find out my EDD then.According to when my last period was then my EDD should be 9/17/09.I will find out the 29th for sure though.We are so thrilled & excited!I totally can't wait.I'm praying that I have a sticky bean.Just thought I'd share my joy! ♥Laura♥

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EmmaGrace said...

congrats on being pregnant! Thats exciting! Sending sticky baby dust your way! Where did you get your blogger layout?