Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My sister

MY SISTER I cannot picture my life without you, Although you may not think it is true. I know i've hurt you and caused you harm but you were still there to hold my arm. Words cannot describe what you mean to me, You understand me: what I see, you see. Never would I have thought how great you are until the day you had to leave and go far. How am I gonna handle life? I am as tight to you as a husband is to his wife. You shared my laugther and my tears, and when with you, I forgot all my fears. Always will I keep you in my mind because a sister like you is hard to find. You will always have the warmest place in my heart, so that i will never feel we are apart. You and me are one: that is us, No matter the distance that separates us No matter the obstacles we will have to overcome. I will always love youno matter how you become Please never forget me, please love me as much as i love you because i cannot live without you!

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