Wednesday, February 13, 2008

♥Moved In♥

We finally got moved in to our new apartment,yay!!!I'm so excited!!!We have a few more loads at the old place we used to live,but other than that we are done!!!I have everything unpacked now,except the few things that are left where we used to live!!!Gosh we had so much junk,LOL most of it we donated to goodwill!!!But anyway I'm so happy to be back in London!!!It's so much closer to everything now...Not to mention that our apartment is really nice...We didn't have internet for a while since we had to switch from "The Burg," to London which we went from Newwave to Timewarner...Timewarner is much better than Newwave...So that's why I haven't blogged in a while!!!Anyway that's what's happening now!!!

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Allison said...

You live in London? I am jealous. I've only been there once.. once my daughter is 3.. I would like to go back!