Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on me

Wow I haven't written in a while...Anyhow this is what's been going on in my world lately!!!Umm let's see I had my heart crushed by my sister...I got a new piercing...Met my really nice neighbors...Other than that stuff I'm pretty good...My sister made a brief entrance back into my life for a few days and then like a thief in the night she was gone once again...Nothing new...It seems everytime I open my heart to her it gets broken again...And the way I see it is I'm too nice of a person to have my heart trampled on yet again...So I have decided that the sister I once new is long gone and isn't ever coming back again,so I have let it go!!!I no longer have the want or desire to have her in my life...Honestly,I don't need people like her in my life...I mean I have the best friends and family any girl could ask for so it's her loss not mine!!!Anyway on to another subject,I got another piercing...I got what is called the Monroe piercing,named after Marilyn Monroe...Ummm meet my neighbors and they're really nice and always wanting me to come over,lol...Kit is growing like a weed now...She will soon be sixteen months old...So my baby is growing up on me...She has quiet the personality,I tell ya...She's her own little person and like to do things her way and only her way,lol...She has a big list of words she says now...Her newest words are boo~boo & doggy...She loves the outdoors more than being inside...Sometimes I think she'd live out there if we'd stay with her and let her!!!She keeps me laughing always,lol...I'm thinking about getting a job and my GED...Hopefully that will be happening soon enough!!!Trav is still working two jobs...My birthday is three months away and I'm thinking about doing something special,I just don't know what yet!!!Anyway that's a quick little update on muh!!!More later,I promise!!!

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