Sunday, May 24, 2009

A New Place

So,I haven't blogged about the new house we found for rent... It's big & I'm excited! It has three bedrooms,two full bathrooms,kitchen,living room,two car garage,big front & back yard,deck,floating hardwood floors in all rooms,except the bathrooms & we are allowed to have pets! I'm super excited about it,the land lady told us if she decides to sell it in the future we get a first shot at buying it! Which in turn we told her if she decides to sell it we would definitely like to buy it. Right now she is in the process of cleaning it out because the people who lived there before were very nasty people. We are allowed to paint the walls which I'm happy about. I went yesterday & cleaned the kitchen,cleaned out the stove,fridge & dishwasher,it was a mess! I also cleaned one of the bathrooms,I have to go back & clean the kitchen cabinets out & clean the other bathroom. We should be able to start moving in our stuff by next week. As soon as it looks a little better I will post some pics! ♥Laura♥

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